Sweet Sensi CBD Review

Sweet Sensi CBD Review
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Today’s review comes by the way of an American company named Sweet Sensi. Sweet Sensi CBD products are something you really should consider learning more about, and even purchasing – should you need to re up on your hemp-based items. As with all other reviews, you can expect an honest opinion about all aspects of this business and the products they have for sale.

Most of you know that cannabidiol (CBD) products are a dime a dozen, and for this reason you simply must do some research about what it is you’re looking at. Today’s research revolves around Sweet Sensi CBD.

Sweet Sensi

Sweet Sensi is a CBD brand based out of Austin, Texas. They claim to have the best CBD in Austin, Texas, but I’d argue their lineup is better throughout a much broader region.

greg autry

Greg Autry is the founder of Sweet Sensi. He’s been dealing with growing hemp, and selling CBD in Austin. You can trace his cultivation of the hemp plant back 25 years. Impressive.

I love their tag line about ingredients. “With all organic CBD ingredients you can pronounce.”

Most of us are familiar with the many different ingredients companies can toss into CBD oils. From flavorings, to colorings, and even preservatives (gross), you really should be able to pronounce the ingredients in something you’re going to ingest.

I took a look through most of their ingredients, and as advertised, I could read them all. Almost all ingredients are actually marked as organic, too.

Sweet Sensi CBD Line Up

Sweet Sensi CBD products are controlled every step of the way. From the hemp farms, to production facilities, they ensure each product meets an ‘uncompromising devotion to quality, consistency, and efficacy.’


Let’s cover some of the different products they have (and they have a LOT of CBD items for sale).

Sweet Sensi CBD Oil

CBD oil tinctures sweet sensi

Product Information

CBD Strengths: 1000mg, 2000mg

Flavors: Cinnamon and Roasted Vanilla, Peppermint, Cherry Limeade

Spectrum(s): Full


Sweet Sensi CBD oils come in two strengths: 1000 mg of CBD per tincture, and 2000 mg of CBD per tincture. These strengths are relatively common in the CBD oil world. You can expect great relief from either strength.

Their flavors are pretty cool. I would really like to try the cherry limeade flavor next. Pulling of such fantastic flavors with mainly organic ingredients is a difficult task to accomplish, but they did it.

cherry limeade flavor

Full spectrum CBD tinctures offer all of the terpenes and cannabinoid within cannabis, but the THC content cannot go over 0.3%. Most full spectrums will produce lab reports showing a THC content of between 0.1% THC and 0.2% THC.

CBD Edibles

There are many different edibles that Sweet Sensi Offers. I’ll cover the ones that really stood out to me.

Snooze Drops

snooze drops

Product Information

CBD Strengths: 35mg per gum drop

Flavors: Blackberry

Spectrum(s): Not specified at time of review. Check website for more up-to-date information.


These night-time CBD candies come in a melatonin and CBD blend, which is a powerful combination made to induce a healthy sleep.

They must work well, because they won second place at the Texas Hemp Awards for ‘best CBD edibles.’

Cranberry and Cashew Mix

CBD nuts by sweet sensi

Product Information

CBD Strengths: 20mg per package

Spectrum(s): Not specified at time of review. Check website for more up-to-date information.


A cannabidiol nut mix is not something I’ve seen before. This would be a fantastic (and healthy) way to incorporate small amounts of CBD into your daytime routines. Low doses of CBD can actually promote energy within the body, and this snack would be great for doing just that.

With high amounts of healthy fats, a good amount of protein, and a bit of CBD, this snack will surely become one of my personal staples.

CBD Truffles

CBD truffles

Other Notable Products

All Terrain Oil

sweet sensi cbd oil

Dubbed the ‘all terrain oil’, this CBD product can be applied to the skin, hair, nails, and beard. It will help give a healthy glow when used properly. With 50mg of CBD in one tincture, you can get plenty of uses out of this. Some CBD beauty products either come with hardly any CBD, or hardly any product inside; this isn’t the case.

Heavy Metals and Pesticide Test

Another thing I like about this organization is how simple it is to find their third party lab tests. For those of you who don’t know, these lab tests are critical to have when buying CBD. They show things like heavy metal content, cannabinoid levels, and residual pesticide levels.

sweet sensi testing link

Their CBD products have a linked marked ‘certificate of analysis’ under the description tab for every single product they sell. Additionally, the footer has a link to this test information.

I really hate how difficult some companies make it to find this testing information. Sweet Sensi makes it simple for the customer to find. You can rest assured that they go above and beyond to make sure you’re enjoying a safe, natural product.

Several Awards and Accolades

Another thing I noticed was the sheer volume of first place awards from High Times and from the Texas Hemp Awards show. This really says a lot about a company, and their product lines.

Some companies are lucky to get a first place award for one particular type of product. Well, Sweet Sensi seems to get them for just about everything they make. Check out the first place awards below:

Clothing Line

Yes, they offer a clothing line, too! You can find some well-designed T shirts that have different logo’s on them. One of these caught my eye. It reads…

“God bless then cannabis growers, because no one else will.”

Amen to that.

While you won’t find a massive selection of clothing, what they do have is actually pretty cool. I can’t say the same for other CBD companies trying to sell clothing. It’s hard to pull off, but they seem to have done it.

Summary – Sweet Sensei

To wrap things up, Sweet Sensei is a fantastic brand with fantastic products. We don’t approve each brand that applies to get a review with us, so rest assured you’re in good hands when using a Sweet Sensei CBD products.

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