What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

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With the rising popularity of CBD, many people are curious about how it tastes. Well, what does CBD oil taste like?

This is understandable, because it is relatively new to the marketplace and has only been used as a health and wellness supplement for a short period of time. For some people to have hesitations because they are worried about the flavor of CBD oil is understandable.

TL;DR – CBD oil, without flavorings, has an earth like, grassy taste to it. Most people like flavored CBD. If you prefer flavors, just make sure the flavors used in your products are organic. Strange artificial flavors have been linked to health conditions.

However, for most people the benefits that CBD has to offer outweigh the importance of what CBD tastes like. I’m not saying it tastes bad, I’m just letting you know that most people will buy CBD regardless of whether or not they know what it tastes like.

Everyone has different preferences regarding the taste of different products. You should always remember that the main aim of beneficial supplements isn’t to please your taste buds.

In this article, we will cover the taste of CBD oil, and answer some of the common questions you might have.

The Taste of CBD Oil – Good, Bad, or Indifferent?

It is common knowledge that different people have different taste profiles. What one person may consider being an earthy taste, might be a completely different experience for another. You won’t know what something will taste like to you until you try it.

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To be honest, most people won’t be able to taste much of the flavor of CBD oil, also known as hemp oil.

That said, with CBD oil, the same comments about its’ taste are frequently made by people who have tried it. The most common descriptions include words like: grass-like, nutty, and earthy flavors.

Keep in mind, these words describe CBD with absolutely no extra flavorings used. Flavorings are an important part when it comes to CBD oil tastes, but we’ll cover this later.

Many people are of the opinion that CBD tastes like grass. This makes sense, since CBD is derived from the hemp plant. The hemp extract that goes into hemp oil has a grass like flavor. This flavor is what people taste when using CBD products – IF there are no artificial flavors, or other flavorings, used.

According to many reviews, though, the majority of people have a positive opinion about the taste.

If you love earthly flavors, then you will most likely appreciate the taste of raw CBD extract. The flavor varies considerably depending on what products you are using.

Due to the different extraction methods used by CBD manufacturers when creating CBD oil tinctures and related products, there are many different possible taste variations regarding CBD oil.

Do Different Spectrums Have Different Tastes?

The taste of broad spectrum CBD oil and full spectrum CBD oil are the same. This is because they are almost an identical make up of hemp oil.

Ok, great, but what’s the difference between broad spectrum and full spectrum?

The main difference is, broad spectrum CBD uses a wide variety of terpenes and cannabinoids, but the THC content will near 0.0%.

Full spectrum, on the other hand, will have a THC content of near 0.3%. Everything else is the same. Both spectrums still maintain their therapeutic properties. It is also not possible to get high off of CBD oil, regardless of which spectrum you choose when you buy CBD oil.

Do Terpenes Have a Taste?

For those unfamiliar with terpenes, they are found in different plants and insects. Terpenes are natural chemicals that affect both smell and taste.

Their main use if of a defensive mechanism to protect the plant or insect from predators looking to eat them.

Terpenes are found in the hemp plant, too. They tend to have a strong smell. Terpenes are also found in things like pine trees, and citrus fruit. Studies are beginning to be conducted to see if they are highly beneficial to the body, or not.

Limonene and Linalool have a significant impact on a person’s state of mind or the mood they may be in. Research is trying to figure out whether or not terpenes can increase the therapeutic effect that products like full spectrum CBD have on the body.

Research has discovered that CBD strains containing terpenes have very calming effects. Currently, there are over 20,000 types of terpenes, about 200 are found in hemp.

Depending on the terpene profile, they can give CBD a grassy taste, fruity taste, or even a nutty taste. They are only found in broad and full spectrum CBD.

You will not get any terpenes when using CBD isolate items, though. CBD isolate is simply the CBD molecule isolated from everything else.

Carrier Oils

Several carrier oils are infused with CBD, and greatly influence the taste and flavor profile of different CBD oils. These oils help create a constant amount of CBD per serving, and help thin out the strong taste of raw hemp extract from the cannabis plant.

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oils have a natural flavor. They come from hemp seeds which have a nutty flavor. Other benefits from CBD oil that contains hemp seed oil include:

It contains 40% less saturated fatsIt’s quite rich in omega 3, which is a healthy fat

Our hearts love healthy fats contained within hemp seed oil. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that hemp seed oil has no CBD in it. Some people prefer this because the whole product comes from the hemp plant, when you use this oil.

It doesn’t make the CBD any more effective, per say, it’s just one of several different excellent carrier oils.

Let’s get into a couple of the other carrier oils now.

Olive Oil

Most people know the taste of this, so I won’t spend too much time trying to describe this. Using this oil will only affect the taste slightly.

It is also full of healthy fats that our bodies love to use. There aren’t a lot of CBD items out there that use this, but it is an excellent option when it comes to other oils.


Another type of carrier oil infused with CBD is coconut oil, or MCT oil. It offers a subtle coconut like flavor, with no bitter taste. Of all the natural flavors, I prefer the taste of this oil.

Mct Oil

Most CBD items are made with this oil form. You can find it in both CBD gummies and CBD oil drops.

Added Flavorings

The added flavor greatly influences the taste of certain CBD items, like CBD gummies. Some people don’t like the natural flavors within CBD products, and want something different than a natural taste.

Most manufacturers add additional flavors in CBD oil to make their products draw in people who are new to CBD.

These flavoring agents are not harmful to your health in any way, as long as they are organic. However, some artificial ones might lead to different health problems such as vomiting, allergic reactions, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

Pure Cbd Gummies On Prop

You have to read the ingredients on the packaging before you purchase CBD oil.

New Phase Blends only uses organic essential oils to make our products taste good. It’s really all you need, and you don’t need much to hide the unique taste of hemp.

Using CBD Oil

Sublingual administration is the recommended method of consumption for CBD oil. That means it diffuses into the blood through tissues found under the tongue within the sublingual vein.

An Image Of The Sublingual Vein

To be used properly, place a few drops (check the serving size of your product to be sure) under the tongue and let them stay there for approximately 30 – 90 seconds.

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Within that time, the oil can diffuse into your bloodstream through the tissues beneath your tongue. It’s a more effective method of ingesting CBD into your system, because it reduces the time in which the compound makes its way into your bloodstream.

Once in the blood stream, CBD can begin to interact with our endocannabinoid system. There is a lot that goes into this bodily system, but the main takeaway is that cannabinoids, like CBD, can elicit certain responses when they interact with our CB receptors.

Endocannabinoid System Receptors

The end result could be things like pain relief, anxiety reduction, and anti-inflammatory effects.

If you use CBD oil using the sublingual method, you most likely will not taste much. Nevertheless, there may be times when the CBD oil comes in contact with your taste buds.

For those worried about CBD oil having a bad taste or leaving a bad aftertaste in their mouth, they should try starting with one drop.

The taste really isn’t bad, at all.

Summary – The Taste of CBD Oil

If you are nervous about the taste of CBD, don’t be. I personally think CBD oils taste great. It’s really not that bad. That said, please do not immediately abandon it if you don’t like the taste. The health benefits are too good to dismiss.

You can also use a small mint candy or breath freshener right after you use CBD oil. Some people have even found it beneficial to use the refreshment before using CBD oil. It will help get rid of the taste.

For many people, the health benefits outweigh the importance of the taste. There are many options available to alter the flavor so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of using high quality CBD, without being afraid of the taste.

Cbd Products For Sale

Regardless of who you purchase your CBD from, make sure it is a reputable company who doesn’t use harsh artificial flavorings or chemicals in the production process. If you are skeptical, try calling them and asking them about their product lines.

Most legitimate CBD companies will have a customer service number that is widely visible across their website. If they don’t, just find another one – there are several across the internet.

Thanks for reading!

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